11 Places to Buy Cheap Furniture in 2022

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture

Redecorating your home might be considered to bring a new life to your living place. Nevertheless, some people have to forget this idea because they do not have a lot of money to buy new furniture. You do not have to delay your home redecorating plan if you look for cheap furniture from these places.

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture (Online)

Here are the top 11 places where you can find cheap furniture in 2022.


IKEA might be one of the most famous places to get cheap furniture with great quality and design. Of course, we cannot forget its Swedish meatballs that make many visitors fall in love, as well.

Nevertheless, the biggest reason why people love it is the impressive price offer for every single product from unique home décor to the sleek furniture item.

You need to assemble the furniture at home yourself, but you might be surprised with your engineering skills. You can save more money by joining the free reward program to get member benefits.

2. Overstock

If you are looking for the best online store to buy furniture at a cheap price, Overstock might be the right place to visit because it has been offering high-quality furniture pieces at affordable prices for about two decades.

Overstock is an award-winning online store for being trustworthy, so you do not have to worry anytime you want to make a big purchase of furniture online.

More importantly, you can find every single home furnishing product you need at a great price and great quality. Free shipping is available for many states in the US.

3. Target

IKEA is not the only store with a big fandom. Target is also pretty viral on the internet because people want to spend a lot for buying its merchandise.

Of course, you need to be careful with impulse buying at Target because you are looking for a way to save money on furniture purchases, after all.

Yet, you can find that Target is a place where you can find cheap and fun furniture and decoration that can enhance any room in your house.

You can also try to shop online to help you purchase easier by collection. It will be easier to find matching furniture with this method. If you want to get an extra discount, you need to have a Target debit card.

4. Wayfair

The name of this online store can explain the price offered for its products. People love to buy furniture items from this place because of its fair price. Of course, the cheap price does not mean that you will not find great furniture items at this place.

You can find various products from furniture items to kitchen appliances with super trendy designs. All of them are offered on a budget, for sure.

You can also customize your furniture pieces if you like, but it means that you have to spend more money for this purpose. You might be lucky enough to find great products from its sale section.

5. Home Depot

Many people think that Home Depot is a place to buy tools. Home Depot can also be a great place to find many kinds of cheap furniture.

More importantly, it will not be hard to find its offline store all around the US. It means that you can also find one near your living place. You just need to look for a big ole orange sign.

If you think that the offline store does not come with a wide variety, you can find more options on its website.

It will be easier to shop home furnishing products by color, style, or width on the website.

6. Amazon

Where is the best place to find anything on the internet? It must be Amazon and there is no doubt about it. Of course, Amazon can also offer you various furniture products at affordable prices.

You will love to shop on Amazon because of its super speedy delivery, especially for Amazon Prime subscribers. It will not be hard to find the cheapest furniture with a nice look on the website.

The possibilities to find the best product is endless since Amazon has thousands of retailers.

7. Big Lots

Many people do not consider Big Lots when they want to buy furniture. Nevertheless, you must not ignore the possibilities offered by Big Lots, especially if you love to find name-brand furniture at a very cheap price. You can even find a full sectional sofa at a pretty affordable price.

You also have one more good reason to buy furniture from this place because it has great weekly deals to get a much cheaper price for the current cheap price.

You can also sign up for free reward programs that can offer you a lot of coupons.

This place can be your best friend when you want to redecorate your home on a very tight budget.

8. Dot & Bo

You can also find more options for fun and affordable furniture from Dot & Bo.

You can explore the website to find a great-looking ottoman that will be a perfect addition to the children's room.

Silly stuff can be found here and there but you can also find furniture items with a modern luxury look at an affordable price. You must not forget to check its clearance section to find great products with extra discounts.

9. Walmart

If you are looking for staple furniture and home decoration items, you must not miss Walmart because it has massive stocks of those products.

You can look for anything and Walmart will always have the product for you.

All of the furniture items are offered at cheap prices, but buying products from Walmart is getting better because you can filter the products by brand, style, or room on its website.

10. AllModern

If you compare All Modern to other online stores on the list, you might find that the price offered is a little bit more expensive. You need to do a deeper search on the website to find some great deals.

This is the place where you can find many options for modern and stylish home decoration and furniture. If you love mid-century modern style for home decoration and furniture, AllModern will offer you joy when exploring the website.

11. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Last but not least, you can also consider buying secondhand furniture to save more money. The furniture item that is considered trash by its previous owner can be a treasure for its new owner.

Buying secondhand furniture from Habitat for Humanity ReStore will not only help you find cheap furniture items, but you can also help out people in your community since Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization.

You might need to take more time to find the right furniture on the right budget, but your effort can be much smaller if you consider buying from the list.